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Industry 4.0: The different but particularly collaborative devices’ integrated operation could be realized in a huge system controlled by AI, which can handle simultaneously the past’s heritage, the present’s urgency and the future’s uncertainty for the agile mass customization on the whole value chain. From an IT perspective this needs an IoT platform for the integration and the fast and smart processing. That’s what REACH offers. We combine state-of-the-art Fog computing, Big Data technologies and Machine Learning to help our customers realize the Smart Factory transition and create a digital twin of their production plants.



Our reference architecture is based on the open source full stack Industry 4.0 solution of REACH Solutions Ltd, the Hadoop distribution of Cloudera and the hardware of Dell.
This solution includes components that span the entire solution stack:
• Reference architecture and best practices
• Optimized DELL server configurations
• Cloudera Distribution for Apache Hadoop
• REACH IoT Platform for Industry 4.0
in partnership with MorphoPix/Maxwhere (VR/AR Solution). It embodies all the hardware, software, resources and services needed to run I4 solution in a production environment. This end-to-end solution approach means that you can be in production with I4 in a shorter time than is typically possible with homegrown solutions


WaMeWo (Watch Me Working) SCADA system responds to cyber-physical hunger in the contemporary manufacturing industry: providing real-time remote monitoring and diagnostics based on historical data with various machine controls (such as industrial robots, PLCs) using non-invasive software technology solutions. After transcoding and interpreting the collected data, we offer functionality that meets the widest spectrum of the factory: useful information from maintenance to top management. All this with help of a single turn-key modular system that can be flexibly customized and expanded to anyone's needs.

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